Carbide motion question

I was using an old version of carbide motions because it worked well for me.
After upgrading to the z plus i now have the new version
i saw a new feature after homing the machine and then rapid to the last saved zero it prompts to not set a new zero or set the zero to the current position.
if i say set to current position does it set x y and z ?

Sorry you haven’t gotten a response. I would think so? The previous zero position was likely removed since (I presume) upgrading to z-plus needs to sort of reflash the controller. Setting current as the zero should set all axis.
hope that helps.

Hey Josh…I would just try it: Say set zero and then jog to xy zero and see if it returns?

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Believe I have seen on earlier posts that the X,Y and Z home positions are saved in a file on your local PC which is why the information is retained even after powering off the Shapeoko and powering back on.

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