Carbide Motion Run Tab Missing

Hey guys, I just bought an HDM. when i tried to initialize, I don’t get a run tab in the headings. Anyone know how to resolve this?

Run should be the first/main tab — are you able to initialize? What happens?

Please let us know about this at

Make sure you sent config. Then initalize. When inialization is done then run tab will appear.

Sorry it was the jog screen. The machine will now initialize, find home and the bit setter. I can load the program set zero and start, but the spindle does not start ?

If you are using the spindle on button, it won’t work unless they have updated carbide motion recently to fix it. It sends too slow of a spindle speed for the VFD. Go to mdi and enter m3 s10000 and see if that turns the spindle on. M5 to turn off.

If it doesn’t turn on you may have a bad control board.

Thanks Josh. I’ll try that. I’m away until Friday, but I’ll let you know.


Hi Josh. I tried that and it doesn’t turn on. If I press jog on the controller it will turn but it turns very slowly. If I press spindle on and off on the jog screen I can see it turn on the VFD but it doesn’t turn.


Crisis over, some dummy did not press the spindle lock on the machine to on, duh!
Appreciate all the help. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me again😂

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Good to hear you got it working. I was concerned you were going to have the same issue I did where the “Spinderella” control board was defective on arrival. Were you able to use all different spindle speeds from 8-24k? If you ever see the spindle lock out button led ring looking dim that board may be failing.

I was out of town all week, so not give it a full work out yet. Will put it through some paces this weekend.
Thanks for the help again


I was going to suggest you look in the mirror, but it seems you beat me to it. It works for me most times.

I’m not usually that blonde, but I guess we all have our moments :joy::joy:
Thanks for the help though

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