Carbide motion settings for xxl

Anyone know what the table size setting is in carbide motion for the XXL?

Sorry can’t remember the values; but all I did was zero machine say at homing location and jog machine to the limits of x,y and entered the values from these…840ish mm if memory is correct.

I used 845 for X and 925 for Y, which keeps her just shy of bumping into the lower left corner on my machine. YMMV, and I may learn something which prompts me to change them, but that got me up and running.

Thanks guys. I was having a heck of a time with this. Currently set at 835 for the X and 860 for Y. My issue was that my machine was not moving beyond the foot print of my original S3. Did not matter what I put in for the table size. In fact I was getting an erroneous hit limit switch message when trying to move to the far left or front of the table. Then it dawned on me… I had turned on hard and soft limits when I installed limit switches on my standard S3. (I think carbide motion is now handling this function.) Once I turned hard and soft limits off I was able to maneuver around the whole table.

Still would like to know what the guys at Carbide think the table size setting should be.