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Machine cuts/moves at wrong size/scale # of steps per mm defined in Grbl for $100, $101, and $102
This is something I found online but the links to the instructions are dead. My machine will not cut all the way through. It does not plunge on the last pass.

Can anyone tell me how to view settings in CM?


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It is a bit of a pain getting it from carbide motion but here you go go to setting the hit log this opens a Web page with the cm populating every second go to mdi type $$ hit enter the jump over to the log stop it the you will find all values you are after hope this helps

P. S ugs or jcnc are much better in displaying this but appreciate that you may not wish to change

Any probs please come back here


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Is this a new or old machine?

Was it recently upgraded to Grbl 1.1 and Carbide Motion 4? (Please don’t use CM3 with Grbl 1.1)

Please see:


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When you say it moves at the wrong step/scale, does it move properly along X and Y? Is this just that it won’t plunge deep enough? How long is your end mill and how much of it is sticking out of the collet? Dewalt or Makita router? Is the router fully down in the Z aziz mount? Do you have a supplementary waste board or stock? Do you have a picture of your setup? Do you have a job file you can share or maybe gcode?


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