Carbide Motion software change... please

I’m wondering if a few simple changes could be implemented. I’m not sure of the programming language used (RB perhaps?), but many would allow for these simple changes… fingers crossed!

On the MDI screen (which as a new user I’m using every now and then to try things)

  1. when you get to the MDI screen, it would be great if the focus and cursor were on the text input box so we wouldn’t have to mouse click to it before entering a G code command

  2. similarly, while in the text input box, it would be helpful if pressing the ENTER key would send the command without having to mouse click on the SEND button.

Workflow: mouse click on MDI on top menu to get there… cursor is in text input box, so you just type command in and press ENTER to send it… text input box clears and cursor is waiting for additional G code

At least two mouse clicks eliminated for visits to the MDI screen!

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It sounds like you might be on an older version of CM, if the build is older than 513 you should download the new version Here. Once you’re on CM 513 it’s a little easier. Click MDI then immediately hit [ tab ] on the keyboard and the focus will change to the text field; no more mousing around. Also enter now works to send commands!

They just finished the update of CM and have moved on to CarbideCreate. It seems that they move in progression from one to another, so it might be awhile before we see a new CM release. While I like many others would love the focus to be on the text input box, I feel like we might have to wait for that one.
There used to be a hot key for the MDI screen and it that looks like it ran away at some point… I’m eagerly awaiting it’s return.

EDIT: It also seems like text isn’t cleared anymore; you can just hit backspace and type in the new command.


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