Carbide Motion Tool Change Alert/Chime?

First post here, woohoo!

I’ve got my shapeoko3 XL up and running and have been doing some practice tests and all that fun stuff. One thing I was thinking would be nice (unless it already exists and I’m not seeing it) would be if Carbide Motion could sound a chime or alert sound of some sort when a message appears like “tool change” or “turn off spindle” or any other notification.

I may be doing another task in the shop when it’s time for a tool change and rather than the spindle just sitting there running wasting time, it would be great to hear a chime or sound so I know it needs attention.

Just thought I’d ask! :slight_smile:



Hey, that’s a great (and simple) idea !

Also, I’d like CM to play Ride of the Valkyries while cutting, and Entry of the Gods Into Valhalla upon completion of a job :wink:


Welcome Seth, I don’t know that having a chime would work, the noise from the spindle/router and the dust collection means that it would have to be fairly loud to hear. The other issue would be that you may not be paying attention to the CNC working and it could be dangerous, we’ve had people reporting fires, crashes and other accidents when they were not looking and some $#it happened. You may not be aware that when using the BitSetter, there are prompts to turn off the spindle before changing the bit, prompts to ask for installing specific bits, to set the speed and to turn-on the spindle/router as part of the workflow.

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yeah i still want a chime. add a speaker to make it louder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe insert a coolant command to trigger a relay connected to an electrically controlled air horn? That’s what I’d do.
Maybe add some of these?