Carbide Motion v2.3 PCB connections

I ferreted around the wiki and forums and I’ve been able to glean most all of what I’m looking for, however I’m wondering if the sage collective of experts here could bestow more nuggets of knowledge…

My XXL was shipped with the Carbide Motion v2.3 PCB… I managed to find a great reference to v2.1 here: v2.1 connections

Besides the obvious revisions, I’m presuming that the top-right molex headers haven’t changed much in signal diffs or operations between versions. My interest was in implementing a controller E-STOP as I’m about to try some initial cutting projects. I was able to eventually find that the E-STOP defaults to an NO connection: E-Stop NC/NO

My remaining questions revolve around the usage and exploitation of the additional “probe” and “feed hold” inputs along with my sights forward of laser adaptation and on-off gating.

Thanks in advance for any assistance for reference and guidance. I’m working on my first contributory collection of hacks for my XXL which I am collecting/documenting as I progress as I do want to pay forward with contributory content to the forums.

There’s a bit on using the probe connection for either a touch plate, or a probe:

Feed Hold is designed to pause the machine so you can move something out of the way, maybe move a clamp, pull out some swarf, etc