Carbide Motion VCarve Question

Guys, I’ve only had my XL for a few months, so still trying to figure things out. One issue I’m having is when I’m VCarving using a .125 20° bit, the G-Code file is huge. It looks like the machine wants to make multiple passes. However, if I let the machine make more than one pass it starts to tear out the middle of letters like “a” and “e”. One pass is deep enough, so not sure why it wants to do multiple passes. Don’t seem to have the same problem with larger letters and larger bits. Appreciate any insight. Thanks

Please check your post-processor — try one which allows G2/G3 arcs (or edit the one you’re using so that they are used rather than a succession of G1 lines as a curve approximation).

If that doesn’t help, post a simple Vectric file and post a photo of how it cuts.

What sort of wood are you using? A fine-grained hardwood is better for this sort of thing.

Another thing to consider since this bit is not part of the base tool database, have you checked your bit definition in the tools database? Maybe one of parameter is off.

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