Carbide Motion Warning if outside cutting area

I was attempting to trace out a template onto carboard to verify proper fit and make any necessary adjustments as needed. That said this piece is fairly close to the extremities of the total cutting surface of the machine so for example the XXL machine has a cutting area of 33" (X), 33" (Y) and 4" (Z) and the object I’m tracing out is 32". However to trace this out I was using a pencil holder mounted to the Sweepy and failed to take this offset into account which meant when the machine was travelling from the front to the back in the Y- direction the machine crashed against the back and lost steps as a result. Would it not be possible for Carbide Motion to either provide a warning if the project to cut is either:

  1. Too large for the cutting dimensions for the machine based on the info/orientation in the .nc file
  2. Based on where the user zero’s their stock the offsets of the model to be cut will breach to cutting area which would result in a crash

I have no issues with doing the math to figure this out and now that I’ve done it once it’ll be on the back of my mind each time I go to set something up however I also thought this would be nice to have in Carbide Motion if possible.

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I suggested a ‘margin overlay’ here in CC which might help in your scenario at design stage, but I like your idea of a template :+1:

I wrote up a bit about measuring the physical layout of a machine at:

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