Carbide Provided Tools

Just curious, should I be worried about my wrench from Carbide3d? It’s chipping…never used on anything other than my Nomad. Never dropped it. Normal wear and tear? Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we try to walk a middle line on the included tools — inexpensive to keep costs down, decent enough quality to at least assemble the machine — if they last for more than that, great, if not, our apologies. For the Nomad, there was a period where we were out of wrenches and scrambling to get any we could from anywhere — I suspect yours is one of those. Drop us a line at and we’ll see what we can do.

I’ve never liked plated tools, and am inclined to drop them into my overflow toolbox which I use for loaners.

Of course with Nomad there are always multiple solutions:


The collet wrenches I got with my Nomad, this month, are solid, black oxidized and seem just fine. Maybe write management as Will suggests for a replacement.


I actually use a thin 12 point box wrench for the collet most of the time. I was provided with an actual ER11-marked, stamped steel wrench (black coated, but the coating/paint didn’t hold up great), but the collet nut is just a 17mm hex, so I went to the box end. For the spindle hold, the provided 12mm has been fine for a number of years, but any 12mm open end will do the job fine. A few chips are unattractive, but the spindle and collet nut are fairly hard steel, so won’t get marred up easily.

As long as the jaws aren’t spread or worn significantly oversize (0.2mm or so is typical, and at about 0.3mm, the wrenches are likely to slip)


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