Carbide Router -Collet

I have had my Nomad #251 and 2 other .25" end mills come out of the collet in the middle of 3 different projects. I have the carbide 3d router and the upgraded collets. The first time I thought that maybe I didn’t tighten the bit enough, but the other times I have been torqued so hard I was afraid I would break something. What is causing these bits to fall out and ruin projects? I am very conservative on feeds and speeds, so I do not believe that is the problem… I am thinking about a router upgrade as I believe the collet on this router is just bad.

Have you had the collet out for inspection and cleaning? Chips and dust will heavily reduce the clamping force.

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Yessir, I have pulled it out a lot and clean out the dust every time. In fact, you cant really install a 1/4" bit without pulling the collet out, seems to be very tight fit.

Very sorry to hear about this difficulty.

Please contact us at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

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ok, I will do that, thank you.

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