Carbide router issues

Just started making a few small projects since I have learned how to use CC some. Today went to make a sign and my router is sparking inside. Probably don’t have 10 hours of use on it.

Probably dead brushes, but 10 hours is way too little to use them up…strange.
See Dewalt 611 issues

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That’s what I thought to early for brushes. Will do some checking

Have you checked for debris in the motor? I have hesitated to cut any more metal due to metal “dust” causing exactly what you describe. I removed the brushes and vacuumed well and then used canned air to blow out the guts. Replaced the brushes and no more sparks. Your mileage may vary.

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A simple sock or filter element is pretty important if dust collection isn’t being used


Changed the brushes and while doing that found that one of the brush covers were loose. So I went ahead, changed the brushes, cleaned it out all is good snow. I use a dust collection system but I’m going to add a sock over it also. Hope that helps.

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Mine just quit work recently.I have the Dewalt 611 and it was the brushes. I got a new set from Amazon and had it going in just a few minutes. There are some great videos on YouTube that shows how to change them.It is a very easy fix.

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Try a ladies foot hosiery. It is what they make panty hose out of and is a fine mesh. Plus it is small and you dont have to cut up a sock. You should be able to get them at Walmart or a drug store.

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Thanks will give it a try

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