Carbide router spindle lock

Anyone one else lose the spindle lock button spring thingy.
Just got the machine in early December and my spindle lock button is missing, Or just misplaced in the 55 gallon barrel of shavings.

Anybody got some options, besides using another wrench? Are parts available?

Had to tape the little nub from vibrating into the shaft.

Sorry to hear about this difficulty. Contact us at and we’ll do our best to work this out.

We recommend using a pair of wrenches rather than a 22mm wrench and the button.

Note that the needed 13mm wrench has to be low profile (some folks just grind down an inexpensive wrench) — one which is known to work well is: — I got a short Asahi from Japan, since I found that one unwieldily long (also got a stubby 22mm wrench).

You can easily get good quality low profile wrenches from Amazon or in fact from a bicycle shop like REI. They are called cone wrenches and come in a variety of sizes. Here is one here: just select your size (13mm).

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That’s where the 12/13mm Capri went — into my bike toolkit.

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