Carbide router vs Makita vs DeWalt

The problem is, it’s easy to kibitz on this, talk is cheap, but actually getting something done which is meaningful is hard. At the least, we can start at home — I try to recycle everything in accordance with the dictates of the company which handles that, I set aside alkaline batteries and actually pay by the pound to have them recycled at the local specialty battery shop, I’ve been riding my bike rather than driving when I can for years (and limit vehicle usage to the bare necessities), my yard is actually a carbon sink, since I don’t use any gasoline or electric tools on it. I actually have my grandparents old cast iron reel mower (which still works!) though I use a Fiskars StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower, having finally upgraded from the small one which I bought when first renting a house.


Yup, next time I’ll try to replace the router bearings myself. I’ll keep making coffee the “old fashioned drip way” rather than the crazy trendy K-Cup way. I’ll keep drinking tap water rather than the crazy trendy and unhealthy bottled or canned water and other fluids (except alcohol). I’ll continue recycling whatever I can and encourage others to do likewise. I’ll continue to support my son’s pursuit of degree(s) and a career in sustainability. I’ll further reduce our already quite limited consumption of meat. I’ll continue to minimize automobile usage whenever possible. I’ll leave my “lawn” sprinkles off but continue to water the trees when required. The “lawn” ain’t pretty, but it’s natural coastal southern California, the gophers seem to like it, and it usually only needs mowing in the winter (when it rains). :wink:


We have an XXL that came with the DeWalt. After 6 months of heavy use ended up replacing the brushes but now seems to have trouble starting. There commutator needs cleaning is my guess. Ended up purchasing a new second DeWalt as we had to keep production up. A couple of months ago purchased a second table to increase production. This time was an XL that came with the Carbide house router. We do a lot of drilling as we make cribbage boards. The spindle speed and accuracy is important, and I was looking forward to the reduced speed of the Carbide router. What I didn’t expect was the difference in collet tolerance. The stock Carbide apparently is not as precise. Using an 1/8" end mill, it was making .14" holes vs the .125" holes we’re used to seeing. Apparently there is a high precision collet upgrade available, which they did eventually send me but we haven’t tried yet as I’ve already switched to the DeWalt. Hope this information helps.

UPDATE: Finally got around to testing the new high precision collet. It definitely solved the problem! If precise tolerances are important, the upgrade is definitely recommended.

Agree that the service is excellent and the return policy as well so there is zero issue giving the CCR a whirl. I had two CCRs fail on me in a short period of time and am running a makita now with zero issues for quadruple the time I had into those two. I am just one data point so take this comment for what it is worth and nothing more.

Another very important issue is the longer chord on the CCR. No question it is needed and I have to make do with the shorter chord on the Makita - considering lengthening it now that I have been spoiled by the longer CCR chord.

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