Carbide Software on Mac High Sierra

I am trying to repurpose one of our existing MacBook Pro laptops rather than buying a new PC to use with my soon-to-arrive Shapeoko XXL. I see where the software requires Mojave or later operating system, but High Sierra is the latest version that any of our old MacBooks will accept. I have tried a couple of methods documented online for “forcing” the Mojave install, but without success.

Has anyone actually tried running the Carbide software on an Apple OS lower than Mojave?

Sorry, but I guess I am having another senior moment. High Sierra IS supported by the current versions of the Carbide 3D software. I must’ve had an earlier OS installed originally. I think I will go back to bed…

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Yeah, I find the current naming convention confusing and hard to keep in order — rather a shame they didn’t continue with something which had an obvious ordering as the previous big cat nomenclature did.

MacOS names are confusing, so an easy mistake to make particularly when software mentions version numbers and not names.

For those of you with older mac hardware that cannot be upgraded to a version the Carbide Motion supports, you can (don’t faint or rage) install Windows 10 on it easily… it just installs and runs. Again, don’t faint or rage :slight_smile:

I used an iMac from early 2008 as a separate Carbide Motion machine running the very very latest Windows 10 x64… didn’t need any drivers or anything.

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I won’t “faint or rage”. I much prefer a Windows machine to a Mac, but I gave my spare Windows 10 laptop to my son-in-law. I do have a half-dozen older Macs to choose from to keep from buying a new machine.

Understood. The “faint or rage” comment was just wishful thinking for those readers who have rather strong opinions on what OS they use to launch their web browser :slight_smile:

For me, there are a number of things I miss on Windows:

  • Applescript (and to a lesser extent Automator) — if you have any repetitive tasks and aren’t scripting you’re working too hard
  • Miller column file browser — personal taste, but I find them well-suited to how I organize and manage files
  • Services — it’s a pain having to copy-paste into Excel just to sort a selection — lots more of them at: — unfortunately, not all of the ones I was accustomed to from NextStep have been ported, esp. miss
  • pervasive emacs shortcuts (If at all possible I only use Cocoa apps)

and of course, on Mac OS X I miss the flexibility of hardware selection which Windows has — despair of replacing my Samsung Galaxy Book 12, and still haven’t found a machine as perfectly suited to how I work as my Fujitsu Stylistic ST4121 (transflective outdoor-viewable screen for the win) — the high-water mark for my computer setup though remains my NeXT Cube and NCR-3125 (with the latter running PenPoint), though I did enjoy adding a Newton MessagePad into the mix (though my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ almost replaces the latter — just wants (wait for it) a daylight viewable display).

Why people developing portable gear think its’s a valid tactic to try to out-bright the sun on a battery-powered device I’ll never understand.

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