Carbide Spindle long startup time

I recently purchased the Carbide air-cooled spindle. It has a long startup time. How can I increase the the spindle startup time so that it has time to spin up before it starts to move?

I believe it’s built into (hard-coded) into the CM macro for a S___M3 block.

It would be super cool if all the macros were exposed to the user.* Even if buried in the app folder with big warning messages not to edit unless you know what you’re doing. This would allow these kind of changes & also provide examples for user defined macros. It would also promote understanding of how the system works even if you have no intention of editing them.

*As well as the tool library & postprocessors.

Thanks. I will reach out to support. I am going to start breaking bits if it has not spun up before it hits the materials. Hopefully they have a solution.

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