Carbide3D store Shipping methods

@robgrz Any chance you guys can add some more shipping methods to the C3D store? The cheapest price for me to get 4 #201 cutters is $42 shipping. A small padded envelope from USPS shouldn’t cost more than $10, be nice to see that option.

I forget the exact list of problems we have encountered but this is what I remember (and I could be wrong):

We ship from two locations and we have items that weigh an ounce and items that weigh 100LBs. USPS has been a big problem for the larger items (one driver literally rolled the Shapeoko boxes through the parking lot) so we can’t use them for shipping machines. I don’t believe that Shopify gave us adequate control for the more complicated shipping scenarios that we need so we had to just say “No USPS”.

We’ve been negotiating our shipping prices down a lot for the past few years. One of the shipping reps said we’re the fastest growing company he’s ever dealt with, so they’ve been proactive in getting us on lower pricing tiers. I know that that doesn’t help the single-cutter-in-an-envelope scenario much though.

We’d like to solve this problem better and we’ll continue to look at how to get those little packages delivered for a more reasonable cost. In the mean time, shoot us and email and we’ll see if there’s something we can do


Thanks Rob for the quick reply, I’ll send an email to the Shipping email. One solution might be for me to proceed through the shopping cart as if I was normal (!), pay the full amount, and then you can refund the difference after.

One of my more common items is 6oz in a 5x5x5 box and ships for like $3

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