Carbide3d-V6 Y axis (stock) setup

The stock size I’m trying to input is: X=3.350" and Y= .50"

For some reason I can’t change the Y axis ‘stock’ dimension to anything less than the default which is .9863". I can input the number .500" but the grid doesn’t reflect the change and the Y axis box always reverts back to the default dimension.

I’m using Carbide3D_v6

Any help would be appreciated.


Minimum stock dimension is 25mm.

Workaround would be create a rectangle that’s the ‘real’ size, and do all your work within those boundaries. You could put it on its own layer and lock it so it stays put.


Thanks for the reply.
Well, that sure answers my question !

What I did was to place the part on the lower left corner on the stock and just use my .500" stock which I already have on hand.
However, I need to look into your suggested workaround using ‘layers’, which I;ve never done…might come in handy sometime.
Thanks again and have a nice evening,

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