Carbide3D Vise Size

I received my vice from Carbide3D today, and of course when I started looking at it realized that I think it’s a big undersized. It is certainly made well and will work for smaller projects, but for those cases where I want to use more of the envelope it’s length will be an issue. To that end I think that I will be machining a new tray for it to slide on to extend beyond the edge of the bottom tray. Just curious if anyone else has tried this?

I often take out the locating pins but that’s about it.

I have had my vise for a while now. It didn’t come with any locating pins. I see now the holes for them. Should they have been included?. Will write to Carbide 3D to ask.

pretty sure it should come with them, mine did.

I have locating holes but no pins for sure. Really what I am talking about doing is machining a tray so that I can take advantage of 10 of the 11" envelope.

My vice came with no alignment pins. When I asked carbide I got this response:

"There were not meant to be alignment pins sent out with the vises. We
tried it out but adding pins did not make the mounting too much more
accurate so we eliminated them. Some users ended up getting alignment
pins because Apollo sent out my prototype batch but I think those only
went to about 10 people. "

I have been aligning the vise by pulling the vice towards the operator side with modest pressure while snugging up the mounting screws. I attached an indicator to my spindle and jogged the y axis and the fixed jaw of the vice was less than a thousandth out end to end. Not bad for aligning with a couple of threaded fasteners. Your mileage will no doubt vary.

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ooh i’m a lucky one lol
though i do have a small issue with that … the point of the pin would be so that your mileage does not vary, no?