Carbidemotion issues

What’s happening here? I just got my XXL and this happens. What do I do?

I too am having the same problem with my windows 7. Here is the picture I got.

You seem to be running some 3rd party software which is blocking that port.

@Patrick @Nayrleub Please uninstall it, or instead, try the beta:

I have it running now. I uninstalled a program that was running in the background and repaired 120.dll. All is good now. Thank you for your time…

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I spoke too soon. As a side note, what’s interesting is I had it working with CMv3 and my CNC, which I just purchased, is running on a 1.1v processor board. However, everything I’ve read indicated that CMv3 + 1.1PCB will not operate together. Anyway, I bought the carbide point set-up tool. The instructions say the tool will only work with CMv4, so I installed v4 and now I’m back with my original issue where I cannot connect and get the same screen

This is very frustrating. I was able to print “hello world” using CMV3 so what’s up?. What am I doing wrong?

Please help

Please try the beta:

if you haven’t — it’s supposed to use other ports when it has problems. If that doesn’t help, let us know at and we’ll do our best to help.

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The beta version didn’t work either. Got the same screen. furthermore, I searched for boost::filesystem::canonical: and there is no such file or directory anywhere. I will now contact support.

Thank you!

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