CarbideMotion PCB v3.0 in a Shapeoko 3

I volunteer at my local makerspace where we have (among other CNC machines) a Shapeoko 3 XL. The X axis motor driver decided to kick the bucket yesterday, and both variants of the replacement part are currently out of stock. There’s no indication of when (or even if) either will be available again*.

The v3.0 PCB (for Shapeoko 4/Pro) is currently shown as in stock. I’m perfectly comfortable crimping on some new connectors, but I’m worried that the firmware might have some fixed settings that prevent it from working on and older machine. Has anyone attempted this upgrade?

The alternate is to swap it out with a generic board, but I’d rather avoid that unless it’s the only option.


*I can’t even ask to be notified when it’s back in stock. When I do, Shopify just throws a tantrum.

Replacement boards are on order — hopefully they’ll be up in the shop presently.

Please write in to and let us know the specifics of your difficulty w/ Shopify and we’ll do our best to assist.

Is there an estimate of how long?

I’ve been waiting quite some time for boards to come back in as well. Hopefully not much longer.

We should have them in stock tomorrow.


Still showing “sold out” for me. Hopefully I didn’t miss my shot at ordering one.

I’ll check with that crew and see if they ever made it in stock

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The shipment didn’t arrive. It looks like we’re two weeks out right now.

:expressionless: Are there any issues with the firmware that would prevent the v3.0 controller from working with a Shapeoko 3 XL?

No, the firmware is the same, Grbl 1.1 — the problem is the Micro-fit connectors vs. Molex KK.

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Yeah, I’m totally comfortable with changing the connectors.

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