Carbine Create Feeds/Speeds

Default feeds and speeds on CC for Soft wood. Tools #201,#202 (.25" End/ball end mills) Speed says 15,000 with a feed of 60". I use G Wizard for the same tool size and it tells me 20,000 Rpm @ 100" Feed. CC Tools #101 & #102 Speed as 9375 RPM and 23.1" Feed (How is this a possible default to use with the dewalt 611; Speed) then I use G-Wizard for .125" Bits and get 27,000+ RPM and again maxed out feed at 100". Depth of cuts and step over all at .5 the tool diameter. Not sure what numbers to use.

I have set up some simple tool paths to cut on 3/4" pine using 0.25" End Mill. I have things set right now at 20,000 RPM @ 60" Feed.

Unfortunately, the Carbide Create speeds seem to be set up w/ the Nomad 883’s spindle in mind — it would be nice if it’d take the machine type into account to adjust that to w/in a range which the Dewalt can produce.

For an added bonus, it would be great to support the lower speed range afforded by a Makita RT-0701 as well.