Carve times and tool setup - 449 vs last version

I just updated my Carbide Create to the newest version (which is pretty cool especially the way the tool library is handled). However I am having drastically different cut times and not sure what I am doing wrong.

For instance one project I had a v-carve with was a little over an hour (and I have printed it twice so that time was pretty accurate) and now on the new version that file is saying 5+ hours. I had to setup the tools again because the new version wiped out all the custom tools I had. Can someone look at my tool setup and see if there is something I am doing off or if there is something else going on.

the big thing that determines V carving speed is the plunge rate… but I don’t see that in your overview

can you check what that is set to?

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I have that set at 40ipm as well based on Amana Specs. I also have the retract height set to .3 inch instead of .5 inch.

that’s still a LOT of retract fwiw… depends on how flat your material is I suppose

one thing I would suggest is loading the nc file into carbide motion and see what it suggests for time.
it could be that the estimator, rather than the toolpath, is wrong

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I will try that. I just created another tool path on the same file selecting the same tool and one says 1 hour 7 minutes and simulation looks the same as the one above that says 5 hours and 29 minutes. I will export them both over lunch and see what Carbide Motion says.

The retract out of the box was always a half inch. What do you recommend setting it at, the wood I am using is totally flat and saving time would be nice! Didn’t know if there was a rule of thumb or if just clearing the wood by an 1/8 an inch is fine.

frankly for flat wood I set mine to 0.06"

I have had time to run the file on the machine a couple of times. Looks like it takes about 30 minutes, even the one that was estimated at 5 hours. So something is up with Carbide Create’s estimation tool that seems to think it is going to be a lot longer. The retract height tip was great, I imagine that is where a lot of time is being saved! Thanks for your help.

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Arjan van de Ven,

You stated above that you set your retract height at 0.06". What is your clamping method. I use cam clamps that are 3/4" high so retract height is not much of an issue for me but is someone is using taller clamps could the 0.06" run the router into a clamp. Just curious about your clamping strategy. Thanks

mostly I use double sided tape underneath…