Carveco + CNCjs + Shapeoko

I’m making the change to use a raspberry pi to run my Shapeoko so that my MacBook Pro will no longer be tethered to the machine during these longer 3D carves I’ve started making.

I use Carveco (with a little bit of Carbide Create) to design projects for my Shapeoko 3 XXL. I see that CNCjs requires macros to work with the Bit Zero and the Bit Setter, but I’m not sure how to incorporate those macros into a running file yet. Can anyone provide a little insight into what I might need to do inside Carveco to my post processor or whatever to make a compatible file for CNCjs that will utilize the Bit Setter?

I don’t use Carveco, but if it has custom configurable post processors, we can figure it out.
Can you share the post processor you are currently using?


So I guess I assumed I could edit the post processor. Looks like there is just a long list of supported ones. I’ve been using one that spits out a .nc file written for the Shapeoko. I see that there is also a generic GRBL one that writes a .gcode file. Hopefully one of these will work, any perhaps it’s possible to write my own post processor and save it to the program files so that it will also appear in that selection list. I’ll have to do some more digging into that (or ask Carveco since they have wonderful support).

I guess I need to stop gaming it all in my head and just export a couple of files and see what happens. I haven’t actually attempted to run any files with CNCjs yet.

You just need the M6s on tool changes. Usually a trivial add to a post processor.

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