Carving a rounded (reverse arc?) channel or groove

I’m still fiddling still - feeling dumb as a bag of rusty nails. If I want to carve say a 1-1/2" wide groove with curved sloping sides (i.e like bottom half of a pipe split length-wise) how do you normally do that?

I imagine you could use multiple toolpaths with a ball end mill, each set a little lower, but thinking there must be an easy way that is not obvious to my pea brain.

I’m afraid that that’s not easy / automatic in Carbide Create — usually this sort of thing would be done in a 3D CAD/CAM program. It might be workable to cut multiple pockets as you describe, then use a 1.5" ball end to finishing things, but I don’t know that there are any w/ 1/4" shanks, nor if the trim router has the torque to spin that for cutting.

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Thank you. Just trying to get a grasp of what I can do with Carbide Create. I thought I might have missed something.

I had to go open Aspire to see what I had written in notes long ago. There is a Moulding Tool that can be used to do something like you suggested. It takes a “rail” (one line for length you need), and a shape (what you draw like you half pipe, but just the outline) then you marry the two together using the Moulding Tool to make the tool path. You might be able to see this in this Tutorial: file:///C:/Users/Public/Documents/Vectric%20Files/Tutorial%20Files/Aspire%20V9.0/Moulding_Toolpath/Moulding_Toolpath_2.5D_Toolpaths.html

Fusion 360 MAY have a similar Tool listed in the software as well.

Good Luck!

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