Carving out bodies of water

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to create the silhouette of a bay for a friend. I have everything setup, however when I go to setup the tool paths it wants to cut out what would bee the land portion and not the water portions (see below).
I have attached the c2d file, if anyone can offer any assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

Oak Bay.c2d (712 KB)

The relevant concept here is “Figure-Ground Reversal”

You will need to change which parts are connected/closed, so that rather than a landmass:

as a closed object, the selection would be of all the water areas defining the water area as a closed region.

This may be done by Node Editing:

Doing this along the length of each straight line along the artificial border:

Continue removing nodes until no straight geometry is left:

Repeat for all other regions, eventually arriving at:

which should then be closed to create the desired region:


Where things don’t join:

Draw in geometry to allow things to close:

Then select:

and use Join Vectors:

Repeat as necessary until one arrives at:

which may now be assigned an Advanced V carving toolpath:

and a rectangle drawn in as a border:

Attached as a v7 file.

Oak Bay_v7.c2d (728 KB)

Note that the original geometry is on a hidden layer:



THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! You are a life saver!