Cautionary note to anyone about to fit the HDZ

With a little help from support regarding a Z height issue, the HDZ fit went well.

Today after some 20 odd (accumulative) hours of use, whilst cutting a small hardwood project with a 90 degree “v” bit there was a strange, heavy cut load, type noise. Checking immediately. the cut had wandered and was indeed cutting a 3mm grove, off track.

On checking the machine I found all 4 of the screws holding the EZ-tram plate, complete with router, to the HDZ had come very loose. On checking the HDZ4 installation instructions to see exactly what to do to get it back together correctly, I found the error of my ways.

Page 52 of the instructions states to insert the 4 screws (and 2 eccentric spacers) and to FINGER TIGHTEN them (for future tramming adjustments). I had fitted the screws and just lightly nipped them up with the Allen key. As most of my work is less than 12" long I did not bother to complete the tramming part of installation and therefore failed to tighten the 4 screws fully home!

My fault. The only damage was to the piece being cut, the v bit survived. Had it happened during the very previous cut, the very expensive Amana tapered ball nose cutter I was using might not have been so forgiving. These don’t grow on trees, unlike the workpiece!

The moral of the story: follow the instructions to the end.


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