CC 461 Woes (sent email to support also)

draw circle, draw rectangle inside of circle. select rectangle (solid orange), shift select circle (dashed orange), go to align rectangle to circle, can’t click on anything whatsoever (including align to stock option or done button) in the left side of window and your only option is being forced to exit application! UGH!!!

I was able to do this without things locking up:

Please let us know the specific dimensions and send in the file and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

lol… size doesn’t matter but…

circle is 2.743" diameter
rectangle is 1.7" long x .045" wide

workpiece is 6.75" x 11.75" x .47"

i don’t have the file anymore… got aggravated and went to vcarve for something so basic.

also for the record… align features work fine in 451… once 461 is installed, ceases to function properly.

removed CC altogether and installed 461 instead of over-writing 451 already there… same thing… nothing on the align screen works

Please let us know the specifics of your OS and version and the specific dimensions and steps and we’ll try to recreate it.

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dimensions are above as posted earlier in your request for them.
steps are in initial post but I’ll go over it again for you.

circle is 2.743" diameter
rectangle is 1.7" long x .045" wide
workpiece is 6.75" x 11.75" x .47"


  1. set dimensions of stock to 6.75" x 11.75" x .47"
  2. create circle 2.743"
  3. move circle to necessary location of stock (bottom left in this case)
  4. create rectangle 1.7" x .045"
  5. select rectangle, shift select circle
  6. select align option on left
  7. nothing is now selectable from the align menu items or the done button

Machine specs below and OS is Windows 10 Pro
i7-9700k (9th gen) processor
64GB Ram
4TB Corsair SSD storage

I believe the problem here is adding to the selection while you are in the Alignment Tools mode.

You need to work with the initial selection, choose Done, then add the selection and go back to Alignment Tools.

I’m filing this as a bug report.

ok thanks William


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