CC 467 selecting

there is one thing which is really annoying working with CC in design mode.
If I have to select several items I use shift left click under Windows.
If you have many items all over the design and you have selected 10 items and with the last click does not 100% fit you suddenly have no item selected anymore and can start again.
It would be great if a shift left click to an empty space will not deselect all items you have selected before.
Maybe there is a trick which I do not know ?

There are some cool features which I didn’t know, as the right click and shift your design by mouse.
I always used "View/Reset View " and zoomed by mouse scroll wheel to zoom at the right position.

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I too have been stung by the seeming random failure to select items, you get several selected and bam you click and all are no longer selected. Making for a frustrating time when you need to select a lot of items only to have the last one deselect all.

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