CC - Background Grid Management

One of the peeves for me is the inability to -independently- change the grid spacing of the X & Y axes, such that independent spacing can be achieved for a given project

Additionally, the ability to ‘centre’ the grid when an ‘odd’ spacing is required (example: I’m currently building a Bluetooth speaker with a pair of woofers, a pair of tweeters and a sub… trying to align the components when the grid always spaces from bottom left & up has been an absolute pain in my rear! (unless I’m missing a trick?))

Please and thanks!!

i have found that creating a more dense grid works well. if you are using 1/2" spacing, move to 1/8" or 1/10" or finer.

Yet still the grid always begins bottom left. Having the ability to -centre- the grid (grid zero = stock centre) would mean thedesign elements of a symmetrical design can be easily centred, and without having to mess around trying to determine the correct math that ensures all grid squares are equi-distant from all 4 sides of the stock to ensure accurate alignment

I agree on the center stock option, Until then math isn’t that hard

I agree the grid should be aligned with the Toolpath center, regardless of the option selected. If the option is changed the grid should be redrawn to intersect at the Toolpath zero. While not critical it would make the interface easier to use.

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I’ve put this in as a feature request in our tracking system — we’ll see what @robgrz and the other developers think.

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