CC crashes unexpectedly

Why does CC crash when I hit either the simulate button or the create Goode button?

Usually this is caused by outdated OpenGL and/or video card drivers — update those?

Alternately, switch to 256 colour mode, or set the app to start in 256 colour mode.

Thanks Will. I’m not sure exactly what that all means. Am using a MacBook. Am new to this, yesterday the simulation was working. This morning went to set up the machine, came back to computer to create code and CC " quits unexpectedly"

Will’s suggestions are for Windows.
OSX updates randomly and without much user notice. If it worked yesterday, and doesn’t today, something changed. Likely a system update took place overnight or in the background, or user setting was changed. Have you tried downloading the latest CC and reinstalling? Googled the error message shown at crash?

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Thanks for that Adam. After many attempts it works now. Not sure what I did. Once I got the machine running it was smooth as.

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Awesome! Glad the gremlins have been properly dried out and all is well! Happy milling!