CC - Default tool settings

I am trying to get my arms around Carbide Create prior to my Shapeoko XXL arriving. For one, I don’t see any #300 tools listed (i.e. V-cutters) like is mentioned in the tutorial. I went ahead and created one. The issue I am seeing is that all of the default spindle speeds are way less than even the slowest setting on the Dewalt. I have chosen the Shapeoko XXL in the preferences, though I see no preference for what spindle/router one has. Do I merely need to alter this speed with every tool choice?

Another issue I am finding is that it seems to crash often! I have had it crash a few times for no apparent reason. Is it just not too stable yet?

You are well ahead of yourself, but I like the enthusiasm.

The Speeds and Feeds chart is a good reference point for rates. Keep in mind; you are
going to set the RPM on the Router manually, and the slowest you can turn is 16.5k

How often are you seeing a crash?
What is your OS?, Carbide Create has crashed on me about 4 times so far.

Ya, I realize I need to set the router manually, but I thought it might be necessary to set it in the software as well.

It crashed on my last night after just installing it and using it for maybe an hour. Today crashed twice within an hour. Seems like it is when regenerating a tool path. Using Windows 10 on a laptop running a Core i7-4700 with 8GB RAM.

ApolloCrowe that link is handy I hadn’t come across that yet. DOC is Depth of Cut? Is that the same as Depth Per Pass or is that an overall depth or something?

Depth of Cut is the same as Depth per pass.
In the screenshot from Carbide Create below the DOC is .020"
So it will take 3 passes to achieve its Max Depth of .060"