CC Pocket with freeform help

I’m trying to create a pocket operation using the freeform draw tool but it won’t work. How to I connect the starting and ending mode to make it a closed tool path?

I usually find closing a path works best if I turn on snap to grid, put the start point on a EDIT: grid intersection point when I begin the path, then close the path by clicking on that start point.


usa.c2d (317.8 KB)
Ok maybe I’m just doing it wrong but it still wont work. Can someone look at the file and help me out. The starting and ending node are the farthest north-west node.

You have to start on an intersection of the grid, then end the line on the same intersection.

If you need a finer grid, you can adjust the gridd spacing on the JOB SETUP screen.

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Sorry bad photo. I did move the the start and end node to the same intersection and still no joy on the pocket. It doesn’t even try to think about it.

Perhaps I’m mis-remembering — save the file and send it w/ instructions to and we’ll have a developer look at it.

I attached the file underneath the node photo is someone wants to take a look at it. I’ll try redrawing it before I send it to support. Thanks

It looks like the path is a combination of vectors and bezier curves and perhaps that is why CC doesn’t want to close the loop on the last one since the left one is a vector and the right one is a bezier node? Like @Murdocjx says, it’ll let you select it and make a toolpath, it just won’t make any gcode for a pocket.

Do you have source material in another format? Might be able to fix it up in the source first.

It might be the pure number of nodes. I split the map in several smaller sections and that seems to work

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