CC Pro 3D Rough toolpath

I just purchased CC Pro and am attempting to create a 3-d model of a photo of my daughter. When I get to the toolpath, I click on 3d Rough and choose my bit (#201 1/4 inch) and want to use Rest Machine to increase detail. I copy the 3d Rough toolpath - and then the whole CC completely shuts down.

I did take advantage of the trial CC Pro and did not have this problem. Anyone else have this problem? Is it me or the program?

It is likely you and not the program. Open the Task manager by giving the three finger Windows salute CTRL ALT Delete. Open the task manager and see how much memory and CPU utilization you have. You can have the option of having Task Manager on top at all times. Perform the operation that is hanging up your CC and see if you are maybe out of memory or the CPU is running 100%. If you are on a Mac there is likely a similar application.

I am currently running a new I7 HP Laptop with 16gb of ram and Windows 11. My CC and CM run perfectly. If you only have 8gb of ram you could be running out of memory. If you look around in the logs you might have to research how to find them but there will be a log entry why CC quit. If it is memory you may need to go in and delete some of the start up applications that are hogging memory. There are a lot of sneaky applications that start up when you boot up Windows. Many of them are not important and would start if you launch them and not need to be in memory all the time.

if the problem is reproduceable you can send your project file (c2d) to with a description of what happens, and they will check it for you. It may or may not be CC not handling a corner case correctly, or it may just be that CC is running out of memory like Guy said. How large is the file ?

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