CC Pro Build 474 Alignment tool issue

Working on a file with many small pieces to carve around. I found a possible bug. I selected one window on the ferry and then selected Alignment Tool before selecting the second window to align to. Software will now not let me out of the Alignment tools. I can use all the top pull down commands but “DONE” is not available on Alignment tools.

Even if I deselect all items to align, I cannot exit Alignment Tools.

I had to save file, close CC and restart. Alignment tool now works properly.I LOVE MY CITY.c2d (848.9 KB)

I’m not able to duplicate that here — this bug was reported before and I thought fixed — do you have a file which it happens repeatably on? If so, send it and instructions for causing the problem in to us at

Only happened once. If it repeats, I’ll forward

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