CC Pro crashed while attempting to create 3D component

Hello All. I was trying to make a 3D feature in CC Pro. I had added the height and wanted to view the model in 3D after applying the values. CC Pro just vanished. Any assistance from any person who understands how to prevent this (did I do things in the wrong order?) would be highly valued. Thank you.

To assist the detective work, I have attached a PDF file of the error file generated.

Crash CC.pdf (182.8 KB)

Please post the file itself and repeatable, step-by-step instructions for causing the crash in a current version running on an up-to-date operating system.

Hi Will. No file is available. I had only just drawn a few simple vector shapes and was about to model them. CC quit on me as I was modelling the first shape and all of my previous work was taken with it.

I have recreated the file and the 3D feature worked flawlessly. I have not applied any toolpaths yet because it was at the point of creating the first height map for 3D carving that the software quit. (Each vector was modelled separately but I guess I could have done them all together where the height was the same) I cannot find anything wrong but I have uploaded the file in case your keen eye can see what I am doing wrong.

The file represents a gift for a person who was very helpful when it was required, above and beyond the call of duty. The intention is to make this from a nice piece of wood.

Thank you once again, Will. Your prompt and effective support is very much appreciated and it adds considerable value to the users who purchase Shapeoko machines.

File that quit 2.c2d (4.0 MB)

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