CC Pro crashing

Hmm, CCP has started to drash on me again.

It’s done it a couple of times when opening a file, when a file is already open (a ‘short cut’ to close one file and then opening the other).

Screenshot below:

The file that’s already open hasn’t been edited in any way, just opened to have a quick look, before opening the subsequent file. This happens both with File:New… and File:Open…

This is the file I was able to open to look at…

Wasteboard Complete v2 32x32.c2d (643.8 KB)

…and this is the file I tried to open when the crash happened…

Wasteboard Complete - Mount v2.c2d (25.7 KB)

…or when I click File:New.

It’s happening every time now, but I’ll try another file after I reboot my Mac.

I’m using CCP Built 515, Built on 2021-01-18 on an iMac Pro with a 3.2 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon W processor, 64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM and a Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 GB video card, running Big Sur Version 11.2.1

Any ideas, please?

Thank you

UPDATE: I think it might be the file. I’ve opened, edited and saved it, in CC Pro, but opening a new file or a different file and the problem persists.

I updated the file earlier today to change the end mill in a toolpath, but that’s all. I haven’t run the GCode from it because the file is my new wasteboard design, when my current one becomes unviable.

Certain files when open, when a second file is then opened will crash Carbide Create — thank you for a complete report which @robgrz will hopefully be able to use to test.

As a work-around, if you quite Carbide Create, then relaunch it, the crash shouldn’t happen.

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Thanks @WillAdams. It’s no biggie as I’m not changing my spoil board :+1:

Also, the file was created in November 2020, so that might be a factor.

Thanks again :wink:

I am on Windows 10, current patches, and I have the same issue with CC. If I open multiple files the application quits. I do not usually open multiple files but when I do it happens on the 3 or 4th file. So as Will Adams advises the work around is to quit CC and start it again.

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Hmm. Seems this can happen randomly, as it’s done it again. Sadly, because it’s random, support@ can’t help either.

Oh well.

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