CC Pro - Edit Shape Parameters

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Once a Component is “Done”, the shape parameters are no longer editable. If you want to change any of these parameters (type, angle, height, or Height Limit), you have to delete the old component and enter a new one. It’s also sometimes hard to remember the exact settings that were used when the component was created.

Not sure what type of complications this creates, but it seems that being able to change these parameters during the EDIT function would be advantageous.


I’m going from memory here but this is what I remember:

We looked at doing this when we started on CC Pro but it turned out that, in order to implement this in a general way, we’d have to create an entire history system to be able to make it work. Once we started thinking it through, we thought we’d probably need history for the 2D drawings as well so that curves stay linked to the 3D components that were created.

In the end we looked at what other systems, like Aspire, do and we had to lower our sights a bit to make CC Pro a manageable project.


Hey Rob…I get that.

Although, if I delete the component and then just add it back in the way it was, everything stays linked properly and “just works”. Couldn’t the system do the delete and add for me? It already knows which objects were selected for the component…it would just need to “remember” the Shape Parameters so that it could prefill the component dialog with those values…then, if I select DONE, it can delete and re-add a new component. That would be good enough…I’d bet.

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