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I want to have a textured area on a sign that is below the stock top of the sign. Whenever I choose anything other than 0 as the start depth, after I hit “OK” the start depth returns to 0. I have tried doing a pocket in the same area before the textured toolpath with the same results of the start depth for the texture refusing to be other than 0. When that happens, much of the “texture” is actually flat. How can I make the texture start below the stock top?

Please post the file which you are having difficulty with and we’ll do our best to work through it with you.

Thanks for assisting with this. Here is the c2d file:
Textured Path.c2d (961.8 KB)

This is the result:

The start depth will not change from 0 for the textured tool path.

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@WillAdams please see Texture loss of functionality for some details when I was fighting with this feature. It appears it did not transition well into V5XX.

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Have you been able to figure anything out here?

Asked @robgrz to look into it.

To verify the difficulty:

There is a pocket toolpath down to:

If one attempts to edit the texture toolpath so that it starts at the bottom of that pocket:

and click OK and then edit the Toolpath again:

the Start Depth has reverted to 0.

Exactly. How can I keep it from reverting to 0?

It’s a bug which the developers will have to address.

I’m bumping into this bug also and hoping there is an update from Carbide3D? I installed the CC 517 Beta build this morning and it doesn’t appear to be fixed yet. Would welcome any news on timing for the fix. Please and thank you.

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It’s been reported — no idea when the devs will have occasion to fix it.

The interesting thing is if one does a file in CC474 and opens it in a newer version the texture seems to stay at the depth.

@WillAdams Thank you. I will give that a try.

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