Cc quit loading

(john daigle) #1

been running cc on dell latitude 2120 (win 10) for weeks, now just the sign on screen “carbide create” comes up (small window) then it goes away (no main screen) task manager says no apps are running.
rebooted-reloaded prgm redownloaded no help

(William Adams) #2

Other folks have reported this problem after a Windows update — please try reinstalling the DLLs:

(john daigle) #3

how would I do that?

(john daigle) #4

reinstalled the C++ no help

(William Adams) #5

Sorry to hear that didn’t work.

Please send an e-mail in to and we’ll do our best to help you get running again.

(john daigle) #6

Tech support fixed it!! I had to add a new user on the laptop-never heard of anything like that before-but thanks!