CC scale issue solved

Hi, I’m not sure if this will apply to everyone but here is how I solved my problem with scaling. I have been using Rhino3d for many years, in fact I brought a copy when version 3 was the latest version, and I have used it ever since. Now as I head towards retirement I thought I’d buy a Shapeoko XXL to muck about with in my home workshop. Once I had built the CNC I realised that my Rhino3d files were not being handled that well. So here’s how I over came the situation.

Firstly, I cannot take all the claim for working this out, so I must thank @Bwood34 Vivien

Here is my new work flow for 2D drawings generated in Rhino3d V3.

  1. Create the 2D drawing in Rhino and save as .Ai file (Adobe illustrator)
  2. On saving the .Ai file in Rhino, preserve the scale as 1:1 (in my case this would 1mm to 1mm)
  3. Press “save” (I saved to my desktop for easy access), later the files will be saved in a separate folder.
  4. “Open” file in Adobe Ai.
  5. Then “save” in Adobe Ai as a .SVG (again, saved to my desktop for simplicity)
  6. “Open” file in Affinity designer (free 90 day trial from their website) but cheap to buy after trial
  7. This time instead of using the save function, use “Export” and export it as a .SVG file at this point you will be presented with some options. Ignore all the options apart from the dpi option. It is very important to re-set the dpi to 96dpi
  8. “Open” the file in Carbide Create. Now check your dimensions, if you have been successful you will see the dim’s are exactly the the same as the original 2D drawing that you started with in Rhino.

I have now run this test at least four times with different 2D Rhino drawings, each one being more complicated that the previous one. Each time I got perfect results using the method above.

I know this will not apply to many people, but I hope it may help other users who had the same or similar problems with scaling when using older version software titles. Mike.


Doesn’t exporting from AI as an SVG result in a 96 dpi file?

Hi William, my version of Ai is CS3 and I can’t see/find any way of choosing the dpi in that version when saving/exporting a file? I’m not sure what the default setting would be, all I do know is my way of doing it as I described works with the software I have available. If you know what the default dpi setting is within Ai CS3, please let me know as this may help. Thanks, Mike

My understanding is 96dpi is the de facto standard and is what the dpi is set to when exporting (but not saving) from any version of AI.

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