CC Selection Enhancement Request / Suggestion

I had an idea this morning as I was struggling to close a bunch of closely aligned open paths in an SVG. I think this would be a simple, but very useful capability:

Add a keystroke modifier to the click-selection function that only selects OPEN or CLOSED paths. For example:
ALT-CLICK would select a path, only if it’s OPEN
CTRL-ALT-CLICK would select a path, only if it’s CLOSED
(or vice-versa, if it makes more sense to you).
NO MODIFIER would behave as it does today

This would give you a far more “surgical” control of which object you’re selecting, when you’re going through the process of weeding out opens to join.

  • Gary

FWIW, if I need to differentiate between open/closed paths I export to an SVG, resave as a PDF using Inkscape, then send to Macromedia Freehand/MX and use Graphics Find-Replace there to fix things.

Rube Goldberg has nothing on you, Will! :slight_smile:

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