CC settings for 30 degree v bit

I just bought the 30 degree v bit from Amana. When setting up the bit in carbide create I’m not sure what to put in for the width. The tip is only .005 and I tried that but it doesn’t seem to be right. Any help appreciated.


Everything you need should be available from Amana, they’re very reliable. What tool # do you have?

Unfortunately, the tip radius isn’t a value which Carbide Create allows for — you should enter the other values ignoring it (and adding it in where the missing material is significant for the flute length). For the angle, use the taper angle rather than the nominal angle, so rather than 30, enter 15.

It’s tool number 45771-k

Thanks Will as always

Okay, that’s:

You’ll need to calculate the flute length using trigonometry or draw it up and measure it.