CC support for OS 10.11.6

Whoa! I see Build 449 of Carbide Create requires OSX 10.12 or higher. Is this the future of CC?

I’m using 10.11.6 and can’t upgrade or I lose the use of Cinema 4D R12, over $4000 worth of software.

What is the last stable version running on 10.11?

Carbide Create 433 was the last stable version which ran on 10.11 and earlier

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For a little background:

Apple is continuing to make changes each year that break compatibility with older software frameworks. We’re left with the option of updating to newer versions of the frameworks that work with 10.15 Catalina, but dropping support for older versions.

This is not what we wanted to do, but 10.14 and 10.15 have contained major, breaking changes and leaving the latest releases of OSX with random crashes isn’t really a viable option for us.

I’ve been an OSX user for a long time now but the latest releases leave me liking Windows more and more. If only Windows had iMessage…


Don’t even think about switching — stuff that I miss constantly in Windows:

  • Services (yesterday at work, to sort a list I had to: copy it, launch Excel, paste, switch to the Data tab, sort, copy it out, launch Notepad, paste, select all, cut, then finally switch back to the originating app and paste — on a Mac it would’ve been Apple menu | Services | Wordservice | sort current selection (and I had a keyboard shortcut for it)
  • pbcopy/pbpaste/pbopen at the command line — if you don’t use these, do man foo and enjoy!
  • drag-drop on the command line — no need to load the pasteboard and remember to right-click
  • emacs keyboard shortcuts in all Cocoa apps which use the standard text object 'nuff said
  • Applescript — Powershell is clunky beyond words and lacks app integration/dictionaries
  • rich typography by default in apps which use nsText
  • Miller column filebrowser
  • drag drop into file dialog windows (let me get this straight, a file dialog works with drag-drop to do file manipulation, but if I cancel out of the dialog the resultant file manipulation isn’t canceled?!?) — workaround is to shift-right click, copy the path, then adjust based on the textual representation — yeah, that’s about as clunky as my first example
  • application dialog windows are wildly different based on which toolkit an app was programmed with
  • Quickaccess limited to only 10 persistent user-controlled items — I couldn’t begin to count how many items I had in my Sidebar on my Mac at work

The only things Windows has going for it are affordability and backwards compatibility (have I mentioned lately that I really want you to make Carbide Create into a clone of Macromedia Freehand so that I no longer need to run Windows to have access to it), and hardware selection — and on the latter, that’s gotten really bad with things such as Microsoft crippling styluses in Fall Creators Update so that I’ve reverted to 1703 twice now, and am having a really hard time staying that far back.

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I’m not really following this statement? Are you saying because of changes in certain libraries you were previously using like Metal aren’t backwards compatible between OS X release, trying to work around that left current versions of OS X CC with lots of bugs?

@WillAdams Thanks for setting me on the right path for the 433 release.
@robgrz I do understand the rise of issues with backward compatibility. I used to be an iOS app developer but have retired due to lack of enthusiasm contending with revisions accomodating OS changes. That’s more of a forward compatibility issue but same ballpark. That said, it is curious that the new OS constraint happened between release 444, which does run on 10.11, and 449 yet it doesn’t apprear major changes were made. I guess I’ll have to manage with 433. (PS: It’ll be a cold day in hell before I warm up to Windows!)

I believe the major change between 444 and 449 is code signing, allowing for which is the impetus for dropping support for older OSs.

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