CC V-groove enhancment request

Hello, I would like to see the v-groove feature enhanced a little. I have a couple files that I want to use the v-groove for and found a couple things that would make the system work better/easier.

  1. When the G-code is created the path is not optimized to connect all the relative spline wires. With a 10inch wide design the machine kept moving from one side to another. If it was optimized it would have been able to save a lot of time by routing each independent area and then moving to one near it not all the way across the design. This is similar to what AutoCAD did back in the days of pen plotters.

  2. Currently it appears the V-groove path creator is making 3d splines using a bisector command with a height component to keep the angled edge of the bit in relation to the two edges identified. What I propose would be when the two edges are larger than the max width of the bit the tool path should split at max cut depth and follow each edge of the identified lines. This way the user would not need to create a separate internal offset line (unless this could be added to CC).

So that might be three requests but that is what I found when trying my first couple projects.
Thank you

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