CC627 - Importing C2D files and duplicating toolpaths

We just uploaded CC 627 to the beta page at:

Lots of new features and fixes:

  • (INTERNAL) Removed support for older C2D files.
  • (NEW) Added ability to import another C2D file.
  • (NEW) In node edit mode, right click to cut a vector.
  • (NEW) Duplicate a toolpath by right clicking on toolpath in the toolpath list.
  • (FIX) “N” key binding for node editing didn’t work correctly.
  • (FIX) Right-click and drag to pan during node editing wan’t working properly.
  • (FIX) In node edit mode, if popup was dismissed, the node could get dragged unintentionally.

We still have some policy decisions to make around how some of the C2D imports work, but we wanted to get a build done for internal testing sooner rather than later. We figured the community might want to check this build out early, even though it might be a little buggier than a typical beta release for us (there were some pretty deep changes to enable these features), so here it is.


any chance you could tell us how old “older” is for files that are no longer supported?

V3 and maybe early V4. The file format evolved somewhat more ad-hoc than we’d planned and the code was not entirely clear.


VERY excited about this release! Thanks @robgrz !

Started playing right away…looks great.

I thought you might be…

I’ll play with import today… but I have to ask… is there a way to “import into a new layer”
(or just import-into-a-layer I suppse)

Won’t things be selected after importing? Immediately hit L and move them to the desired layer?

Just loaded up 627, and it seems the Library is unhappy.

  • First time I invoked it, the Library window appeared on top of the Indexing progress bar (so the progress bar could not be seen). I moved the Library window out of the way, and the progress bar got stuck at 50%.
  • I Canceled from the Library window, and now when I invoke it, the Library is empty.

When I open CC 627 I just get a blank screen, no menus/buttons/etc. Just the window title bar is displayed ([NewFile] - Carbide Create, Build 627):

I tried CC 623 to compare, and that version does display all the controls correctly but it doesn’t show the 3D tool path simulation:

CC 530 works perfectly (controls and tool path simulation).

All testing was done on an old laptop I have dedicated to my Shapeoko. Details are:
Windows 10 Home - Build 19043
Intel Core i3 370M CPU
Intel HD graphics
8 GB of RAM

Could you go to the Start menu, type “msinfo” and run the System Information tool, save the output from that as a text file using your last_firstname.txt and e-mail that and the above information in to ?

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