CCv7.64 Modelling Issues

Been working further with a medallion design & have noticed some pretty incongruous UI issues with the modelling tab.

  • Sometimes when selecting one component to disable or delete, another is inexplicably deleted/disabled instead(this may possibly have to do with Components having the same or nearly the same name but it has happened to me with totally differently named components as well). The result is a frustrating game of ‘what did I just delete?’
  • The order of components definitely matters, yet I have found no way of re-ordering the component list or inserting a new component within the list. So trying to replace a component with another does not result with the desired changes. Which then requires deleting it & then finding out something else got deleted instead…leading to scrapping the model & starting from the beginning again.
  • Components lack any connection with vector shapes after you set them. This means that you cannot edit/move/resize/rotate or makes copies of the vector across the stock or keep toolpaths linked. So any changes to the vector basically results in having to re-build the model.
  • No way to export a model as an STL for use in another CAM software, such as MeshCam, or CAD for further modelling.

I do like how the modelling tab functions - makes it quite easy to extrude a bunch of vectors into a relief model. But it definitely has some pretty frustrating drawbacks currently. I hope the programming team can start to address them in the near future.

Just my New Years wish list…

It should work to just drag components up/down.

For export there are 2 options:

  • export the 3D model as a PNG height/depth map
  • export the G-code and then preview that in 3D and export as an STL from a G-code previewing tool which has that feature

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