Center of the Project?

Like a cross-hairs or something. I’m trying to center a few things, sure I could count every 1/4" square across, hoping there’s a feature already in place.

If I understand what you want:

  • select the object
  • in the Move tab, change the X and Y co-ordinates to match the center of the stock
  • click Apply

That worked, thanks! I had to wiggle with what setting did what. Initially I thought the dots on the Move function referred to the stock - it doesn’t. It refers to the vector.

Is there a way to use the move tab when using an imported SVG? If I have more than one imported vector I don’t get the move option, even if they are grouped.

Work-around for this is to create an object with the same dimensions as the group, move it, then align the group with the drawn object as the key object.