Change default Z offset from +6mm?

In Carbide Motion, is there a way to change the standard Z offset from +6mm to something else?

From homing?

That’s set in Grbl (but I thought it was 5mm).

Safety / Retract Height is usually set in you CAM program.

Yeah. When i cut acrylic I zero to the wasteboard, so the 6mm Z offset is from my wasteboard. I mostly cut 3/16" (~4.75mm) material, but occasionally cut 1/4" (6.35mm) material.

I have the proper safety & retract heights in my programs… this matters between programming, when changing materials, homing and zeroing.

Is there a way to change it in Carbide Motion?

Carbide Motion is seeing the G0 rapid move to the height set in the CAM program in the G-Code. You would need to edit the G-Code to change this behavior.

What CAM program? Is your work zero at the bottom of the stock in your CAM?

I use both Fusion and Carbide Create. Yes - when cutting sheet materials I zero to the bottom of the stock in either program.

You’re saying Carbide Motion does something at Z6 before or after you run your job?

See below - it’s an old version of Carbide Motion, but this is what I’m referring to. I want this to be something other than 6mm.



No, that’s hard-coded in the program.

We’re going for a basic, simple, consistent application, so that sort of thing is unlikely to become adjustable.

I understand the reasoning for basic, simple & consistent. A lot of your users may never need anything more than ‘stock’ Carbide Create & Carbide Motion, and depending on skill level, many shouldn’t have access to anything more. And I’m no expert, but as an advanced user I still appreciate the simplicity of the programs. But for those of us that could use it, it would be super helpful to have an ‘advanced’ mode that would give us access to some settings that currently aren’t changeable.

For me, having the ability to change the stock offset from 6mm to something greater would be really useful. I can explain in detail why if you need me to, but basically, since i zero to the spoilboard, that setting limits my safe movements during setups & material changes.

This is just one example but this group, especially the power users, could probably come up with a reasonable number of things that would be really useful if changeable.

Whether or not it ever happens, I really appreciate what you guys have done and are still doing with the machine & software. Thanks!