Change font on all vectors

I created a project with about 30 vectors all using the same font since they are text vectors. I have decided to changed the font. But the only way I have been able to change them is to do them one at a time.
I tried selecting all vectors and pressing the TEXT button, but that wants to just add another text vector.
There has to be an easier way to do this.

If it’s in V6, you could just edit the file as a text document & replace the old font with the new font.

In V7, the file is encrypted (somewhat*). A little tougher to edit.

*Not really encrypted, it’s a database file. You’d need additional software to edit it.

Sorry. I am using Carbide Create free version build 743.

Save as V6 file, edit, re-open in V7.

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In the end it might be faster to just go individually to each text and change the font. The time to write your post, read the replies you could have changed the 30 individual text entries. I know it is a pain to select so many individual objects but…

Great to ask questions unfortunately sometimes the answer is not what I want to hear.

Good Luck.

Saving as V6 I was able to change all at the same time. Thanks much.

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